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2 oz SMP Rub for Sore Muscles


This rub is loved by all who try it! People who suffer with arthritis have been coming back to tell us it is working for them. We have also discovered this works great for restless leg syndrome. SMP works great for severe leg cramps, sore muscles, and pretty much any ache and pain you can find.

This stuff really works! I make and use this myself for my arm that has severe pain at times, this is all I use now.


The menthol in SMP applied Externally, is employed as a local analgesic. Diluted and rubbed on the skin, it produces a sensation of cold, followed by numbness and partial anesthesia; it first stimulates the nerves, conveying the sensation of cold, and later penetrates the skin and paralyzes the nerve endings. Allowing the person to experience some freedom from pain, which allows the tired tense muscles to relax and have a break, promote healing.


SMP also has a very nice cooling feeling and does not get hot.


SMP RUB is made in small batches with all natural high quality ingredients right here in my home to ensure freshness.


SMP also has a pleasant smell that also has the ability to work wonders on a conjested nose.

Materials Used

bees wax, lanolin, menthol, camphor oil, cajeput oil, cinnamon oil, and clove bud oil

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